Soup of the season   5.5;
FARMiCiA Salad greens, roasted winter vegetables, croutons, blue cheese dressing or herb viniagrette on the side   8;
Apple & Three Cheddars Salad smoked;, raw milk and Amish, spinach, cider viniagrette, pecans   8;
Beets and Fennel Salad  citrus dressing, greens, amish feta   6;
Waldorf Chicken Salad  cider poached chicken, leafy greens, toasted nuts, creamy herb dressing   8.5;
French Lentil Salad   baked goat cheese, greens, toasted walnuts, sherry dressing   6.5;
Pear and Mache Salad  black walnuts, blue cheese, tarragon dressing   8.5;
Herb Smoked Trout Salad  orchard fruits, cider, watercress, rosemary mayo   9;
Grilled Chicken Sandwich  blue cheese mayo, avocado, red onion, spinach, french fries   9;
Grilled Cheese Sandwich  amish cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, whole wehat bread, orchard fruit salad   7.5;
Grilled Angus Cheeseburger  amish cheddar, fixings, mb roll, pickle, french fries   9;

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