FARMiCiA Photograph FARMiCiA RESTAURANT : Food and Tonics 15 S. 3rd Street, Old City, Philadelphia
Call us for a reservation at 215.627.6274 Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks
Farm Bar

Farm Bar serves an all-day and late-night menu as well as a wide selection of wines including organic wines, signature "tonics," and creative cocktails. Our drink menu is listed below. The complete wine list for bottles can be found on the Menu page. Smoking at the bar after 10pm is permissible.

--- Eats Menu ---

cheese & spreads

Apple & Amish Cheddar  3.75

Selection of Three Cheeses goat, sheep, & cow  11

Grilled Brie pesto & baguette  6

Chevre & Parm Baked Bread w/saucy tomatoes  6

Quesadillasmoked cheddar & salsa  5

Fresh Tostados & Salsa  4

Trio of Spreads & Baguette artichoke pesto, tuscan bean, tapenade  5

Hummus w/ grilled bread & olives  3.5

French Fries  3    Cheese Fries  3

FARMiCiA Trio of Fries  4.5

Bowl of Olives  3    Pesto & Baguette  3

more eats

Grilled 1/2 lb. Organic Angus Burger deluxe w/ fries  9
w/ cheese  add 1   w/ bacon  add 1

Crab Cake on Brioche Roll deluxe w/ fries  10

Hot & Sweet Chicken Wings blue cheese dunk  7

Corn Crusted Calamari smoked chili-lime aioli  8

Chilled Jumbo Shrimp bloody mary sauce  10

FARMiCaesar Salad romaine, egg-free dressing, croutons, Parmigiano  9

FARMiCiA Salad tender lettuces & garden vegetables,
croutons, blue cheese dressing or herb vinaigrette on side  8

Greek Salad spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, sweet peppers, feta, red onion, olives  7.5

--- Wine by the Glass ---
(see complete wine list for bottles)


Maschio Prosecco*  Veneto, Italy   8

Black Oak Brut Cuvée  Woodbridge, California   7


Michel Lynch Sauvignon Blanc  Bordeaux, France   8.5

Berringer White Zinfandel  St Helena, California   7

Salmon Creek Chardonnay  Sonoma, California   6.5

Guilliame Chardonnay  Franche-Comte, France   8

MezzaCorona Pinot Grigio  Trentino, Italy   6.5

Oak Grove Viognier  Oakville, California   7

Solitario Tuscan Bianco*  Tuscany, Italy   8

Trebbiano d' Abruzzo*  Abruzzi, Italy   7


Corteforte Albarosa Rosato Veronese*  Valpolicella, Italy   8


Michel Lynch Cabernet Sauvignon  Bordeaux, France   8.5

Beaujolais-Villages Laboure-Roi  St. Armand, France   7

Robertson Cabernet Sauvignon  South Africa   7.5

Bourguiel Cabernet Franc  Bourgueil, France  7

Frascole Chianti Rufina*  Tuscany, Italy   7

Morandé Carmenère  Valle Central, Chili  8

Domaine Jaume*  Cotes du Rhone, France  8

Medoro Sangiovese  Marche, Italy   7

Black Oak Merlot  Sonoma, California  8

Cavit Pinot Noir  Trento, Italy  7

--- Carafes ---

Salmon Creek Merlot or Chardonnay  Sonoma, Calif  12/23

Pacific Peak Shiraz  Napa, California  12/23

MezzaCorona Pinot Grigio  Trentino, Italy  12/23

Dragani Montepulciano D'Abruzzo  Ortono, Italy  12/23

--- Antidotes ---
(also available without alcohol)

Elation Tonic praspberries, plums & prosecco  8

Relaxation Tonic ginseng, lemon, Stoli Vanil, pineapple juice  8.5

Clarity Tonic raspberry, gingko biloba, rum, grapefruit juice, soda  8.5

Deep Replenisher Tonic berry, ginseng, Ketel One vodka, o.j. & soda  8.5

Resistance Tonic lemon & herb, honeysuckle, Jack Daniels, sweet vermouth  8.5

--- Cocktails ---

Chocolate Martini Stoli Vanil, Godiva, white crème de cocoa, Bailey's  9

Pink Lemonade Stoli vodka, cranberry juice, sparking lemon-lime  8

Country Sunshine Absolut citron, pineapple & orange juices  8.5

Espresso Martini shot of espresso, Kahlua, Bailey's, Stoli Vanil  9

Pimm's Cup orange, apple, cucumber, lemon-lime, mint  8

Peachy Tea Stoli peach vodka, unsweetened iced tea, peach liquor  8

Raspberry Blossom Stoli Vanil, pineapple, raspberry liquor  8.5

FARMitini our signature martini made w/ your choice of Grey Goose vodka or Tanqueray gin, served w/ an olive & onion  8.5

Hacienda FARMiCiA's own margarita  8.5

County Fair Stoli raspberry gimlet w/ chambord  9

Nutty Farmer Nocello, Bailey's, Stoli Vanil  8.5

--- Draft Beer ---
(11 oz./19 oz.)

Hoegaarden  4/7

Yuengling Lager  3/6

Flying Fish Winter Ale  4/6.5

Stoudt's Weizen  4/6.5

Yards Pale Ale  4/6.5

Dogfish Head IBA  4/6.5

Kaliber (non-alcoholic) 12 oz. bottle from the makers of Guiness  4.5

Heineken 12 oz. bottle  5

warm up with...

Almond Chocolate Coffee
French roast coffee, crème de cocoa, amaretto.  6.5

Sweet Dream
Hot chocolate, Kahlua, coconut rum.  7

Heart Warmer
Warm apple cider, bourbon, sugared rim.  6.5

Snow Drift
Warm apple cider, spiced rum, sugared rim.  6.5

Café Cooler
French roast coffee, sambuca Romano.  6

Ice Melt
French roast coffee, chocolate liquor, whipped cream.  6.5

Irish Coffee
French roast coffee, whiskey, whipped cream.  6.5

Hot Toddy
Warm apple cider, brandy.  6.5

Amaretto Sunset
Warm apple cider, amaretto, triple sec.  6.5

--- Quenchers ---

sparkling water

Pellegrino large  5.5    Gerolsteiner small  2.5

still water

Fiji large  5.5    Fiji small  2.5

sodas & others

Orangina  2

Virgil's Root Beer  3    Reed's Ginger Brew  3

The Switch
lemonade or fruit berry  2.5

Honest Tea
mint, lemon, or decaf  2.5

Fountain Sodas  1.5

Fresh Pressed Juice  1.5/2.5

Fruit Juices 2    Iced Tea 2    Milk 1.5

* organic